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It’s a thing. Smoked food is hugely popular and that’s no surprise – it’s delish! Here’s how to create magic smoked BBQ treats yourself with a range of handsome Smokers.



We have everything from a super-simple smoker box, which you use on a regular barbie or fire pit, even a chimenea, to massive offset BBQ smokers incorporating a wealth of gadgetry to keep the keenest, most imaginative garden chef happy. Which woods will you use to craft amazing flavoured fish, meats and cheeses?

Create the flavours of ‘now’ with our Smokers

Choose from classic cowboy movie-like designs with quirky good looks or pick a  smokehouse with a chunky, boxy profile. Go big or small, smoke vertically or horizontally. Either way, this is how you invent smoked food flavours all of your own, a treat for discerning grown-ups and a fun experiment for the kids.

We even have a simple food smoker that’ll go on top of your BBQ, chimenea or fire pit, ideal for succulent smoked foods with the magical moisture retained. Can you imagine serving up inspired smoked delights  to your guests at home, or even in a commercial setting like a pub or restaurant garden? Very cool. Or should we say smoking hot? 😉


Callow Vertical BBQ Smoker Grill


Food Smoker to fit fire pits, BBQs and top of neck of chimeneas


Cook King Berlin Smokehouse


Lifestyle Big Horn Pellet Smoker Grill


Norfolk Grills BBQ Smoker Box


Tepro Biloxi Offset BBQ Pit Barrel Smoker


Tepro Indianapolis Heavy Duty Offset BBQ Pit Smoker


Tepro Milwaukee Premium Charcoal Offset BBQ Pit Smoker


Tepro Wichita Offset Pit Charcoal BBQ Smoker

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