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So you want BBQ Accessories. No worries, here they are. We provide all the gadgets you need to make your BBQ life the best it can be. Want a cast iron cookpot to go on top of your chimenea or fire pit? Or a BBQ starter kit packed with quality items to cook up a storm? We’re sure you’ll enjoy exploring the potential.



Choose from a burger press to create perfect burgers every time, a guaranteed way to delight your guests. Treat the family to moist roast chicken thanks to our barbie chicken roaster. Or grab a universal BBQ table for the small portable BBQ you’ve chosen.

BBQ Accessories

We’ll be adding more to our collection as time passes, so come back and see what’s in store. We take great care choosing the manufacturers whose products we sell, which means we’re confident we’re only offering the best quality. There’s nothing cheap and nasty here. It’s all good quality, worth every penny.

The barbies we sell are just as good as the accessories. Welcome to your BBQ garden life, where fresh air and great company blend with fabulous food to deliver delicious occasions outdoors.

With garden entertainment products as good as ours you’ll enjoy a head start. Beginners and BBQ pros alike buy here, as do commercial customers wanting to offer outdoor cuisine – pubs, restaurants and so on. Go explore!


Norfolk Grills 3pc Tool Set


Norfolk Grills Aluminium Burger Press


Norfolk Grills Anti Pasti Serving Board


Norfolk Grills BBQ Starter Kit


Norfolk Grills Charcoal Rack 2pk


Norfolk Grills Charcoal Starter


Norfolk Grills Chicken Roaster


Norfolk Grills Grill Topper


Norfolk Grills Metal Skewers 6pk

BBQ Accessories

Tepro Universal BBQ Table


Tepro Universal BBQ Table

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