It’s gorgeous garden heater heaven!

Lifestyle Emporio 15KW Flame Patio Heater in Black

So you love the outdoor life? When BBQing is your thing and you use the garden frequently for fun and entertainment, you need a garden heater to keep the enjoyment going. Maybe two or three!

Thanks to an effective source of outdoor heat you can take the party outdoors through every season – even in the dead of winter. You can stay out for longer, right through the day into the evening. And you can have fun later into the nights, staying comfortable until the witching hour and way beyond.

Here are some stunning garden heaters for inspiration. As with everything on our site, they’re all good quality, chosen for exceptional performance as well as good looks and style.

The dramatic Lifestyle Emporio 15kW garden heater

This big, beautiful beast comes in smart black as well as a silver finish. But the kilowattage is the star of the show here. The Emporio is our hottest patio heater, giving you a full 15kW of lovey warmth, all belted out with serious efficiency to keep the good times going. Meet the Lifestyle Emporio 15kW outdoor heater. Isn’t it grand?

Lifestyle Silver Emporio 15KW Flame Patio Heater

Because, like our other patio heaters, it runs on a cannister of gas, it’s easy to light thanks to instant piezo ignition. No faffing about with matches or lighters. The burn is very hot and completely clean. Weighing in at 20kg, it’s made from strong steel and the 13kg Propane gas cylinder sits inside the body, safely out of the way.

A mesh screen holds the flame safely away from harm, flickering dramatically inside a beautiful glass tube, which makes it a good option when there are excited children and pets around. A handy Flame Failure Device stops gas arriving at the burner if the flame goes out. The Tilt Switch turns it off automatically if it tilts, another safety feature. And wheels make it easy to move around. Including its own gas hose and propane regulator, it stands 210.5cm high and measures 53.7cm at the widest point.

The Enders Elegance 8KW ECO Patio Heater

Enders Elegance 8KW ECO Patio Heater

The popular Elegance model from Enders is what you need for medium heat, giving you that classic shiny streetlamp look. 8kW of heat is yours with this eco-model, made from gorgeous polished stainless steel. It emits around 30% less CO2 than an ordinary 12kW model and it’s a tough customer, built to last and great for domestic as well as commercial settings.

The special ECO PLUS burner tech delivers really good efficiency and the 11kg Propane gas bottle goes inside the body for great stability. The piezo ignition means you light her up instantly, and it comes with the necessary gas hose and regulator as well as castors for easy moving. With a diameter of 76cm and a height of 218cm it’s a dramatic item, but it weighs just 11.5 kg without the gas bottle.

Enders Elegance 8KW ECO Patio Heater

The award-winning Enders garden heater

The Enders model is an award winning design that comes with several variations in black or grey. The medium model gives you a mellow 2.5kW heat, as does the large model, giving you a choice of physical sizes to suit your garden.

Enders Large Grey NOVA LED Flame Patio Heater

This gorgeous patio heating gadget won the Garden Leisure Product of the Year 2021 thanks to the looks and performance. As well as subtle warmth it’s perfect for exciting LED mood lighting thanks to the LEDs at the top and base – just add three C batteries and you’re off.

An ECO Burner maximises the potential fuel efficiency and the continuously adjustable flame puts you in complete control at every stage of the party. The instant piezo ignition comes with a battery included, the control panel is super-easy to use, and you stash the 13kg gas bottle safely inside the body of the heater. All you need is a simple gas hose and Propane regulator, both easily found online and as cheap as chips.

Enders Large Black NOVA LED Flame Patio Heater

The large version comes with a diameter of 36 cm and it’s 102cm high, weighing 12.5kg. The medium version is 88cm high and the same diameter, weighing a kilo less than its bigger brother. And you can buy smart covers for them to keep yours in good condition.

Enders Large Grey NOVA LED Flame Patio Heater

Because pictures speak louder than words…

We have more stunning options for you, with more patio heaters to explore as well as chimeneas, fire pits and fire bowls. Check out these heaters for the garden and see which one makes your mouth water the most!

Lifestyle Silver Tahiti II Pyramid 13KW Flame Patio Heater

Above, the exciting profile of the Lifestyle Silver Tahiti II Pyramid 13KW Flame Patio Heater makes it a popular choice with people who like to create a garden entertainment area that’s a bit different. It’s also available in sleek black.

Lifestyle Santorini 11KW Flame Patio Heater

The chunky, funky Lifestyle Santorini 11KW Flame Patio Heater, above and below, is a popular choice with our customers too, another excellent design delivering exceptional performance.

Lifestyle Santorini 11KW Flame Patio Heater

The Lifestyle Black Capri 12.5KW Patio Heater below offers fantastic performance plus simple black good looks to grace every garden.

Lifestyle Black Capri 12.5KW Patio Heater
Lifestyle Silver Capri 12.5KW Patio Heater

Ready for comfort? We hope you love our collection as much as we do. Happy shopping!

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