The best pizza oven – A HOT customer favourite

Callow Large Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven

In a world of gorgeous pizza oven designs, what’s standing out at the moment as the best pizza oven in town? Our customers are loving the Callow Rustico Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven, with its mellow brick build and heavyweight performance. What a beauty! Let’s take a deep-dive into the details.

Callow Rustico Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven

Callow Rustico – The best pizza oven

When you’re not a big fan of shiny or matt metal and fancy something more natural-looking, the brick build of this pizza oven ticks the right boxes. The smooth rounded design offers a lovely look as well as seriously good performance, heating up quickly for fast, fun and easy pizza production without the wait. It looks good in every setting and makes a wonderful permanent addition to a garden lifestyle. And it also comes in a smooth version with the same curved surface in a lovely terra cotta red, the Mediterrani model.

Callow Mediterrani Royal Pizza Oven

Made in Portugal using ancient skills, it’s insulated with a layer of refractory brick, then rock wool, then a layer of red brick.

Callow Mediterrani Royal Pizza Oven

The aluminium door has a tough glass viewing window and there’s an air inlet vent to change the flow of air inside. The stainless steel chimney plays a part in regulating the airflow too, sending cooking smoke safely out of the way, and it’s easy to change the chimney draft by extending the flue.

This pizza oven gets incredibly hot, exactly what’s needed for perfect pizza. The maximum temperature is an impressive 400C so there’s no soggy bottoms! There’s a thermometer with a 30cm probe inside the oven for checking the temperature and a separate rotisserie spit if you fancy deviating from pizza.

The practical side of life… this is a high quality item and it’s very heavy. You’ll need a base for it that’s strong enough to take the weight – around 800kg – without cracking, making stone, blocks, or concrete your best bet. If you want to build a work surface to go next to it, make a bigger base.

Callow Mediterrani Royal Pizza Oven

Delivered in a pallet on a lorry, it’s a delivery you’ll need to be home for. The driver will deliver it to the kerbside, but he can’t carry it any further so you’ll want to arrange help. Size wise it measures 80cm high by 110cm wide and 110cm deep, which explains why it weighs so much.

Brilliant pizzas in literally a couple of minutes. A stylish permanent fixture in your garden. The heart of your outdoor life and enormous alfresco fun. How can you resist this big beautiful beast?

Callow Rustico Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven
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