3 BBQ essentials: light, heat, and fab food

Cook King Cuba 70cm Firebowl

If this is your first time BBQ-ing or you just want to enhance your already-exciting garden life, these three BBQ essentials sit at the heart of every memorable outdoor occasion. As long as you’ve got heat, light and good food, you’re sorted. Let’s dive in.

Mood lighting for lovely ambience

Lighting sets the mood, whatever the occasion. There’s lots of potential whether you want to go for a classic or contemporary patio heater, which provides both light and heat, or a small chimenea to heat the area, with lovely flickering flames to chill out to.

The Enders patio heater is an award-winning design giving you light and heat in a beautiful, compact design that suits every garden style. Classic street lamp-like patio heaters are just as effective, giving you a taller, slimmer profile as well as heat and light.

Click here to see the gorgeous wooden Florenity candle lamp, available on our sister site and ideal for burning one or more candles safely outdoors, lighting up the space subtly and romantically.

A small chimenea is the ideal way to add atmospheric light to a garden or patio as well as throwing out lovely heat. Buy more than one to light and warm a larger space impressively, in style. Here are some photos.

Enders Large Black NOVA LED Flame Patio Heater
Three handsome Enders patio heaters, which give you gorgeous flickering light
Enders Commercial 14KW Patio Heater
Lamp-style patio heaters generate subtly attractive ambient light as well as warmth
Billie Cast Iron Chiminea (Small) Black
The Billie – one or more of these little beauties lights up a garden beautifully with the magic of real flames

BBQ essentials – Heat to keep the party going for longer

We have so many ways to heat an outdoor space. Clay and metal chimeneas come in everything from small, like the cast iron Billie above, to enormous versions like the one below. They work like giant radiators as the fat body and chimney heat up fast, then radiate heat out into the surroundings.

A fire pit or firebowl will also keep your entertainment area cosy, more like an open fire than contained in a chimenea. Some are housed inside a stylish table where the flames are held inside a glass box, very safe, and run cleanly on gas. Just add a gas bottle for instant comfort.

What about these? They’re all great quality, all carefully chosen by our team.

Azteca XL Mexican Chimenea anthracite rustic
A stylish XL clay chimenea for excellent radiated heat
Cassiopea Steel Fire Pit (Extra-large)
Firebowls keep the surroundings cosy
Tepro Topeka XL Deluxe Gas Fire Pit Table
This fantastic fire table adds drama as well as warmth and comfort to outdoor occasions

You can even go for a fire basket, the ultimate in simplicity…

Cook King Verona 60cm Fire Basket
A beautiful bell-shaped fire basket graces every style of garden

Cook fabulous BBQ food

You can’t have a barbie without food and again, you have plenty of choice around what to cook it on. A small or portable BBQ does a great job for low-key gatherings. Dial the BBQ size up if you’re in the habit of hosting bigger occasions. Cook for five on a smaller BBQ – or feed the five thousand on a wonderful masonry barbecue, literally weighing almost a ton and designed to be a permanent garden fixture.

You can easily cook on a chimenea, which gives you a surprisingly wide choice of ways to make great food. Everything from cast iron cookpot masterpieces to tasty treats created using BBQ waffle irons, cast iron cooking irons, skewers, grills and independent food smokers. And that’s just the start of the story.

Some of our biggest metal BBQs let you grill food directly and indirectly, use an integral rotisserie, and smoke food in an attached smoker unit. Clever stuff, and they mean you can cook for lots of guests fast.

Lifestyle Portable Gas BBQ
This small portable BBQ is stacked with excellent features for fab food on the go
Tampere Light Masonry BBQ
A dramatic masonry barbecue makes an awesome permanent feature outdoors
Lifestyle Big Horn Pellet Smoker + Grill
Grill and smoke like a pro with this huge multi-function metal BBQ
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