9 reasons why buy a BBQ cover

Barbecue grill Cover

We sell some great BBQ covers… but why would you bother? Let’s take a look at why buy a BBQ cover. As it turns out, it’s an excellent idea.

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You want to know why to buy a BBQ cover…

How big is your shed? Do you even have a shed? Plenty of us don’t have any outbuildings and if we do they’re already stuffed with vehicles and bikes, garden tools, accessories and household stuff. So where, exactly, do you put your beloved barbecue when you’re not using it?

The simple answer is, most us us just leave our barbies outdoors. Some cover their BBQ with a tarp, others with plastic sheeting, but the clever money goes the full hog with a specially-designed protective BBQ cover.

Explore our online store and you’ll see a variety of covers designed to fit specific models. Is there a cover designed to fit your BBQ? If not, will one of those we sell fit it? Check the measurements and see. While a fitted cover is the best of all, many of those we sell will fit a number of brands and designs.

Here’s why it’s a wise idea.

  1. The British weather means your BBQ can be subjected to more or less every condition, from severe heatwaves to epic rainstorms, deep snowfalls to howling gales. Quality BBQs are built to withstand the elements but protecting yours properly means it’ll stay looking good for longer, work well for longer, and last for longer
  2. You won’t need to find storage space for your BBQ or outdoor oven over the winter, or when you’re not using it
  3. When a BBQ gets covered in mud, dust, leaves, bird poo and even algae, eventually it’ll start affecting the looks and performance. A cover means you’ll reduce the risk of damage for a longer useful life
  4. It’s becoming more important than ever to make do and mend, recycle, repurpose and re-use products instead of throwing them away when we’re bored or they start looking tatty. In a world where ‘peak stuff‘ looms and we’d do well to stop filling the planet with more and more products, a BBQ cover helps you do the right thing for the environment, the climate, and humanity’s future
  5. Quality BBQs are expensive, an investment worth protecting to save you money replacing it
  6. Bird poo is corrosive, able to damage BBQ enamel. But it isn’t because of uric acid, as most online advice claims, simply because there isn’t any uric acid in bird droppings. Research reveals the corrosive substances in bird droppings are ‘probably the result of bacteria inside the bird’s gut breaking down uric acid before it is excreted’. Who knew! Whatever the reason, a cover prevents bird waste landing on the enamel, protecting the finish
  7. It’s simply more efficient – when the barbie is clean and dry whatever the weather conditions, all you need to do to get cooking is take the cover off. No cleaning, no drying out, no rust to battle – your BBQ is clean dry and ready to cook when you are
  8. There should be room to protect your BBQ accessories too…
  9. Extreme cold like we saw in late 2022 can damage a BBQ. The metal contracts thanks to its atomic makeup, then expands again as it gets warmer, potentially causing metal fatigue over time and putting pressure on the joints
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