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Do you like a big, shiny, in-your-face silver machine? Or do you prefer a subtler, smaller solution to cooking gorgeous food outdoors? It’s just one of a load of things to think about when buying a BBQ. If you’re mulling over which BBQ to buy, our BBQ Buyers Guide should help. Here goes.

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BBQ buyers guide checklists

There are so many BBQs to choose from. They look really cool. It’s easy to get carried away. It’s annoying sending something back because it’s not quite right, worse to find you’re BBQing less than expected because you didn’t think things through. It’s all about common sense, so we’ve used simple question-based checklists.

What size BBQ to buy?

BBQ size matters. Here’s your checklist for buying the right-sized BBQ:

  • What size is the area you’ll put the BBQ?
  • Is there a big enough, flat enough surface fir it to stand on, and if not can you make one?
  • Does the person who’ll be cooking want to face people while preparing and cooking the food?
  • How much space do you need for garden furniture?
  • How many people will you usually be cooking for?
  • How often will you be barbecuing?
  • Will you want to wheel it around or will it stay in the one place?
  • Do you need to factor in space for BBQ accessories and cooking equipment? How about a food preparation surface?
  • How much money do you want to spend?
  • If it can’t stay out all year, do you have space to store it somewhere dry in bad weather?

What style of BBQ to buy?

Does ‘the look’ matter as much as the functionality? If so, here’s what to ask yourself about which style of BBQ to choose:

  • Do you want the barbecue to stand out loud and proud, or sit subtly against the background?
  • Shiny or matt? Silver or black?
  • Do you prefer a traditional look, contemporary designs, or something unusual and funky?
  • Will it suit the garden design or look out of place?

BBQ Buyers Guide – What is the ideal BBQ made of?

  • Will it be a permanent BBQ? If so would a masonry BBQ with a brick or stone finish be best? Or a steel outdoor kitchen that stays in the garden all year thanks to a tough, purpose-made cover?
  • If you want it to be moveable, what’s the maximum weight you can handle?
  • Do you want everything to stay 100% rust-free?
  • Whatever it’s made from, are the materials good quality?

Which BBQ fuel is best for you?

Which kind of BBQ fuel will suit you the most? Here’s how to decide:

  • How easy is it to buy the fuel?
  • How much of it will you need each time you light her up?
  • Do you have space to store the fuel?
  • Do you want the BBQ to get hot fast with gas or electricity, or do you enjoy the traditional wait as the charcoal or wood does its thing?
  • Would you like the option to grill, BBQ and smoke food, or just keep things simple?
  • Today’s BBQs are designed to minimise smoke, and the only time an electric or gas BBQ smokes is when you burn the food! But if there is any smoke, which way will it blow in the prevailing wind?
  • Flat top BBQs and spit roasters use direct heat, smokers use indirect heat. Hooded barbecues, kettle BBQs and outdoor kitchens use a blend of the two. Which is best for you? Direct heat is like grilling, indirect is more like roasting but with a grilled flavour

BBQ Buyers Guide – About BBQ maintenance

Modern barbecues are built with low maintenance in mind, but there are some easy things you can do to keep them in the best condition. Here’s what to ask yourself:

  • Will it stay out all year, or will you cover or store it in bad weather?
  • Are you happy to do some really easy touching up every now and again?

After buying, know how to socialise safely

Whatever the fuel, however safe it is, a BBQ is still a fire. Once you’ve decided which BBQ to buy and set it up in the perfect place, ask yourself some essential safety questions:

  • Have you thought about a fire blanket / fire extinguisher / buckets of sand?
  • Have you got the right kind of fire extinguishing equipment for the fuel – wood, charcoal, electricity or gas?
  • Have you made a simple fire action plan so you can act quickly and calmly in an emergency?
  • Is there space for people, pets, kids and a food-laden chef to move around the BBQ safely?

Buy a BBQ here for great quality and performance

We only do BBQs. And we only sell the BBQs we know are good quality, made to last from tough modern materials. Take a look at our collection, see what inspires you. We hope you’ve appreciated our BBQ Buyers Guide. Now you know what to ask yourself, the task is a whole lot easier as well as more fun.

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