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OMG where do you start? You’ve got your BBQ, you’ve invited people, you’re in full-on party mode, but what to cook? Here’s our list of recommended links leading to zillions of beautiful barbecue recipes, everything from heavenly meat and fish dishes to Vegan treats and veggie masterpieces. Then we’ll veer off the magical world of salads and side dishes… if you can handle it!

Your only problem? Which recipes to choose.

how to BBQ fish
Can you smell this lush BBQ fish? Mmmmm….
  1. BBC Food barbecue dishes – one of the web’s most trusted foodie resources
  2. Jamie Oliver barbie recipes – fast, tasty food without any fuss
  3. 50 fabulous barbecue ideas from Olive magazine
  4. Awesome outdoor flavours from Delicious magazine
  5. Almost 200 alfresco food recipes from Great British Chefs
  6. Insanely good barbecue food – which speaks for itself!
  7. Summery recipes from Good Housekeeping
  8. Ultimate barbie recipes from The Happy Foodie
  9. Get the Taste of Home at your place with these
  10. Need feeding NOW? Try these from Tesco, easy bbq food when you’re all starving
  11. BBQ something extra special from the Food and Wine website
  12. Go all Little House on the Prairie with the Pioneer Woman’s bbq treats
How to be a BBQ expert

Now, think side dishes

Just when you thought it was safe to start barbecuing… there are countless recipes for preparing and cooking meat, fish, fowl and seafood on its own. There are also hundreds, if not thousands, of separate vegetable and salad accompaniments and side dishes to experiment with. Add them to the barbie recipes above and the potential is truly awesome.

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Keeping the cooking side of outdoor life under control

You might be perfectly happy to spend all day creating gourmet masterpieces while everyone else chats and chills out. If not, being organised frees up more time for the social side of being outdoors.

Prepare as much of the food as you can beforehand for a relaxed time. Pre-set the table. Get your bbq accessories out so they’re handy. Don’t forget corkscrews. Cover and stash salads made in the morning somewhere chilled until the afternoon. Pre-bake potatoes so they’re part-done. Marinade meat and fish the day before. Chop chunks of veg ready to make kebabs.

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Keeping things super-simple, like these lads with their sausages and bacon, is often just as much fun as creating something elaborate.

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