10 reasons to buy a BBQ – It’s inspiring!

Go on. You know you want to! Buy a BBQ for more fun in the garden, gorgeous food and more. Here are our top ten reasons to buy a BBQ, revealing why so many people take the plunge and cook more outdoors.

Ten reasons to buy a BBQ

  1. Because it’s a lovely thing to do with your friends, family or both. Whether you’re out in the garden or BBQing at a campsite or glamping site, on the beach or halfway up a mountain, everyone loves a barbie. It’s such a popular way to meet up and cook fab food
  2. You can do it on impulse. Roll out the BBQ, fire her up and you’re ready to go, especially when you’re doing simple good food like burgers, sausages and kebabs
  3. Because it’s such a relaxed way to socialise, with nowhere near as much pressure as a full-on indoor dinner party, you can relax more and let the event go where it wants to. Everyone’s mellow, it’s all very laid back
  4. Because the garden is a great place to be whatever you happen to be doing in it. Spend just a short time outdoors to feel your spirit calming, your attitude to problems easing, fresh ideas bursting out and your creativity on full beam
  5. Because the food tastes delicious, even if it’s a bit burned! There’s something about outdoor cuisine that makes everyone really enjoy the food even if it isn’t exactly Michelin-starred
  6. You can get away with super-easy recipes, and as the cook that’s great news – it means you can spend more time chatting, laughing and socialising than worrying about making complicated recipes
  7. If, on the other hand, cooking for the people you love is your favourite thing, a barbecue gives you every opportunity to get creative, push the boat out, and produce exceptionally exciting food
  8. It’s a sociable way to cook. As the chef you’re not stuck in the kitchen, you’re right in the thick of it. A BBQ sits at the heart of a lovely outdoor life, and that includes the person in the driving seat
  9. A BBQ is cost effective. Yes, you can spend an absolute fortune on a barbecue. Some of them are huge, all-singing, all-dancing gadgets stuffed with functionality and variety. But small is just as good. It depends what your outdoor life is like now, and what you’re planning for the future. You can buy a good quality barbie, built to last, for a really good price. If you fall head over heels with the whole experience and want to do it more, with more people, you can take it up a notch or two and buy a bigger BBQ
  10. It’s easy to make it a healthy option. You skewer big chunks of veggies on a kebab stick with king prawns or chicken in between? Tasty, fresh and healthy. Make home made or ready-made burgers and serve them with salad in a bun? A good balance. Make fresh fruit kebabs to dip into honey or melted dark chocolate? It tastes awesome and it’s also good for you

If all that sounds good, hop over to our grand BBQ collection and see what inspires you most. Will it be something portable, small and neat, medium sized, or downright enormous?

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