Heavenly summer fun on the patio

Do you dream about the heat, that golden time at the end of the British weather’s rainbow, the time for summer fun on the patio? In a country where the weather is never a done deal, where the seasons run into each other and overlap, we never really know what’s coming. One day it can be below freezing, the next day it’s fourteen degrees. Spring can go from frigid to balmy in no time, as can autumn. And that’s why the summer is so precious, the jewel in the crown.

Here’s how a BBQ makes every garden event special, whether it’s a regular family meet-up, a full-on party or a very special occasion.

BBQ cooking

More than just summer fun on the patio

A barbecue makes opens up more of the year for enjoying time outdoors. Think spring, when there’s a chill in the air but the promise of summer is there, tantalisingly close. Think autumn, when you can still feel the final hints of summer. There’s something about the ambience of a BBQ that makes the space feel cosier. Add a chiminea for genuine heat, like an outdoor radiator, and it’s impossible to resist.

Thanks to the Chiminea Shop for the image.

The strange attraction of real flames

Once you have a source of heat and light, dusk becomes an exciting time. As the sun falls and the shadows grow the flickering flames of your BBQ make the patio feel like an indoor space, intimate and exciting. You’ll find yourselves making your way to it, gathering closer around it, holding out your hands to the heat even on warm summer nights. The ambience changes. You settle into an entirely different vibe.

OK, we sound like a load of old hippies, but you know the score! A barbecue really is a lot more than the sum of its parts. Fire takes us back to the dawn of humankind when it kept us safe, warm and alive. Aside from the sun it was our only source of heat. Deep inside we feel the same about it a million years later. Isn’t that amazing?

Summer fun on the patio – How BBQ food tastes so much better

Food cooked and eaten outside tastes fantastic. There are loads of ideas about why. Some say it’s because we need moisture to do a proper job of tasting food. Outdoor air is moister than indoor air, so our noses and mouths don’t get as dry, which means our tasting and smelling equipment works better. Maybe it’s simply because spending time in the fresh air, amongst greenery, is so good for our health and wellbeing.

Beautiful BBQ food

There’s some interesting psychological stuff behind it, too. When someone who loves you cooks for you, your brain makes the food taste better. If it’s cooked in a familiar place with good memories, it tastes better still. Because ‘taste’ combines smells, flavours and textures, it has a powerful influence on our emotions. When you cook with people you love, in a place where you feel safe and happy, culinary magic happens. As you probably know, a burned burger can taste absolutely awesome when burned on a barbie!

Make socialising special

Lazy afternoons lounging in the garden enjoying he tantalising scent of BBQ food with your best friends. Romantic late summer evenings with the moon and stars glittering above you as you chat, eat and drink. Quality banter with family and friends. Have you ever heard anyone say they hate a barbecue or can’t stand food cooked outdoors? We haven’t.

A BBQ makes outdoor times special. It’s an instant excuse to get people together, no occasion required. And it’s the perfect way to maximise the way you use your patio. We wish you years of happy barbecuing. It’s going to be gorgeous 😉

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