Go for a gas fire pit and love the easy life

Tepro Topeka XL Deluxe Gas Fire Pit Table

Fire pits are one of the simplest, most fun ways to add mood lighting, warmth and a focal point to a garden. You can often cook on them too, thanks to a separate removable BBQ grill. But what if you want your garden life to be even simpler? What if you could just press a switch and boom, you’ve got fire? That’s what a gas fire pit will do for you, and we have a nice collection of them to choose from.

Happy Cocooning Aluminium Rectangular Anthracite Cocoon inc Burner and Glass Screen

16 reasons why buy a gas fire pit

There are so many reasons why a gas fire pit might suit you best. Here are just 16 of them!

  • Easy to light, no messing around with matches or lighters
  • Instant heat, flames, atmosphere and comfort
  • You can store the gas bottle inside the larger models, saving space and
  • A safe way to enjoy a real fire in the garden when there are kids and pets around
  • No ash or burned fuel to clear up
  • No smoke
  • Easy maintenance
  • A hot, clean, efficient burn
  • Very easy to control
  • Keep it going for the whole day and into the evening in a fuel-efficient way
  • Sleek modern designs, many with a gorgeous clear glass box to hold the flames
  • A choice of shapes and designs
  • On-trend colours: grey, white, and black gas fired fire pits
  • Small, medium or large – there’s a model to suit every garden
  • Built to remain outdoors
  • Some come with a weatherproof cover included, others have a separate cover available

This stunning pure white Happy Cocooning Aluminium Rectangular White Cocoon inc Burner and Glass Screen, below, comes with a clear box to protect the flame, a great little safety feature as well as really lovely to look at. As you can see the gas bottle goes inside, and there’s plenty of space on top to stand your drinks, snacks and gadgets. It comes from Happy Cocooning, a Dutch brand we love for their stylish designs, efficient performance and great quality every step of the way.

Happy Cocooning Aluminium Square White Cocoon inc Burner and Glass Screen

This Happy Cocooning Small Square Fire Pit in Grey is also a delight to use. The chunky cube shape, the real-looking ceramic logs and stones, and the simple control panel make it a very popular buy – along with the dramatic black round version below.

Happy Cocooning Small Square Fire Pit in Grey

How real do the stones and logs look? They’re actually ceramic, another word for pottery, made to look exactly like genuine fuel for a traditional feel.

Happy Cocooning Round Fire Pit in Black

What about the biggest gas firepit we sell?

How about this for big drama in the garden? The magnificent Tepro Topeka XL Deluxe Gas Fire Pit Table, below, creates instant style and comfort outdoors and the clear box holding the flames is an eye-catching feature people love.

It’s made using a smart black powder-coated steel body and a cool glass fire surround with a supply of stunning decorative glass pebbles. It’s a 17kW stainless steel burner, nice and powerful, and the ignition is instant thanks to piezo ignition. It takes gas bottles up to 5kg and the bottles go safely inside for safety and good looks.

This one comes with its own protective polyester cover, lava stones, a gas hose and a gas regulator, and like all gas fired firepit models it runs clean and burns hot. Stand yours on a wooden or composite deck, the lawn, patio, paved area or even on the balcony.

Tepro Topeka XL Deluxe Gas Fire Pit Table

Now for some more cool pics!

Here’s some more inspiration for you. Which gas fired pit will you choose for your own garden entertainment area?

How lovely does this one look in a smart outdoor setting? As you can see it creates an instant warm welcome, creating a fun-space you’ll find hard to resist.

Happy Cocooning Rectangular Fire Pit in Grey

The round version below features separate real wood shelves for glasses, bottles, snacks and bits and bobs. They slot neatly into the handle holes, easy to remove to wipe clean and following the attractive curve of the fire pit’s body. And the subtle colour means it looks great whatever style your garden. It just blends in to deliver a classy appearance you’ll love.

Happy Cocooning Bowl Fire Pit in Grey

Last but not least – being grey, black or white, these fire pits go perfectly with the grey garden furniture that’s such a hot trend, the easy way to get a ‘designer’ look without trying too hard.

So which one inspires you most?

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